We are living in a crisis wherein the COVID 19 pandemic continues to sweep across the country with enormous health and economic implications. Social-distancing, Work from Home, sanitization, and rigorous hygiene measures have become the new normal. Apart from this business shutdowns, salary cuts and job losses add to economic pressure thereby affecting the country’s growth rate, consumption and much more.

We all are affected by the nationwide lockdown be it employees, employers, businessmen, small and medium industries. The pain gets deeper for people whose regular incomes have stopped.

In this time of crisis, Dhanvarsha has launched a new category of Loans called ‘COVID Loans’ to help people deal with the unprecedented liquidity crunch and survive the cash flow problems that they have been facing as a result of adverse medical and/or economic scenario. Treatment for COVID cases is exorbitantly expensive and hence many people are facing great difficulties in coughing up large sums of money to fund the treatment of loved ones at very short notice and hence some succour is needed to alleviate these problems!

Here is everything you need to know about Dhanvarsha’s COVID Loans:

1. What is the eligibility criteria?
Salaried employees with more than Rs.20,000 salary in Private, Public limited or Government organizations and Self-Employed customers can avail COVID Loans

2. How much loan amount can be availed?
The loan amount can be maximum of 10 lakhs. The loan can be availed for a maximum tenure of 4 years.

3. What is the interest rate?
Competitive interest rates on COVID loans depending on the customers credentials.

4. Turnaround Time?
In case of complete documentation, up to 48 hours.

5. How can you apply?
You can contact us on 8652335569 or write to us at strategy@dfltd.in to know about the application process.

We understand that the pandemic has paralysed normal living and impacted personal finances. We believe in bringing a positive impact in the people’s lives by not just helping you financially during this pandemic, but also supporting and guiding you in the right direction. By providing COVID loans, we aim to reduce your financial problems in these trying times and help build Social Capital.

Need Help? Contact us on 8652335569 or write to us at strategy@dfltd.in

To know more about Dhanvarsha, visit www.dfltd.in