We don’t just
lend money…
We enable businesses!

Our country is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Yet financial and business instability is seen across businesses and industries. Businesses today are fragile and growing competition pushes every business to offer something unique. How can small businesses with modest budgets stay ahead of competition? How can they improve? Today, a large segment of MSME’s in India, do not have access to banking or borrowing facilities. Moreover, there is no one to guide them. These underserved segments face problems of coming up the curve and growing their businesses.

  • connect
  • Collaborate
  • Cooperate

Keeping in mind these adversities, Dhanvarsha started with the aim of catering to this large underbanked segment by providing access to capital…not just financial capital but also in helping build Social Capital! We Connect, Collaborate and Cooperate to improve and bring about a change in the society by opening doors you need to gain opportunities.

We build value to your dreams!

Dhanvarsha does lend…but it does not just lend! It enables and empowers businesses along with lending.

That is how we are different!

We aim to become business partners and help you achieve business excellence and sustainability. We lend a helping hand financially, but we also lend our heads by advising and guiding our customers to overcome their shortfalls in strategy, operations, marketing, technology and more. So, the idea is just not to lend hand but to lend head and lend heart to our customers.

Today with almost 500 borrowers and a loan book in excess of 400 million, Dhanvarsha aims to be the preferred financial and business partner to India’s upcoming entrepreneurs. We aim to aid businesses and also create a sustainable ecosystem by Building Social Capital TOGETHER!

To know more about Dhanvarsha, visit www.dfltd.in