Dhanvarsha Gold Loans

Type of property mortgage:

Self Occupied/Rented Residential and Commercial Properties.

Scheme Offerings:

Income method, Banking surrogate, Liquid Income Program, Low Loan to Valuation, Program & Lease rent discounting

Loan Range:

1 - 50 Lakhs

Loan Tenure:

36 to 120 months

Indicative EMI:

Around 1,613 per Lakh
Self Employed
Non Professional (SENP)

If you are an individual engaged in manufacturing, service sector or trading (whether wholesale or retail, business or profession) other than listed below in Self Employed Professionals (SEP) section.

Non Individual (Entities)

Under the non-individual category, if you are company registered under The Companies Act, 1956 subsequently amended in 2013 or if you are a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership firm in the business of manufacturing, trading (wholesale or retail) or in the service industry. In such cases, the business entity should be the main applicant. In case of proprietorships, the firm should be the main applicant and the proprietor should be a co-applicant.

Self Employed Professionals (SEP)

If you are a practicing doctor, chartered accountant, company secretary, architect or any other professional with an independent practice.

Salaried (Resident Indians Only)

If you are a practicing doctor, chartered accountant, company secretary, architect or any other professional with an independent practice.

This includes applicants working with any of the following institutions / firms: -

Govt. institutions / Semi-Govt. institutions

Public sector undertakings

Private sector companies such as Limited Companies / MNCs & Private Limited Companies

The documents required for availing a loan
with us are simple and include:
  • Application form with passport-sized photographs

  • Photo-Identity proof (Any one)

  • Passport | Pan Card | Voters ID Card | Driving License

  • Address proof: Passport / Aadhar

Property documents

  • Latest Sale deed

  • Property Chain link documents ( Previous Sale deeds of the property )

  • Approved Sanction Plan

  • OC Copy ( if available )

  • Society registration certificate copy( if available )

  • Society Share Certificate Copy( if available )

  • Latest Property Tax receipt

  • Bank statements for the last 12 months

  • Latest utility bill of shop and residence

For Self Employed Non Professional,
Entities and Self Employed Professionals

  • IT Returns for the last 2 years

  • Balance sheet and P/L statement for last 2 years , Audit reports and all schedules

  • Business Vintage proof (3 years vintage in the form of Shop Establishment. Act, Current Ac opening date, Old ITR , etc.

For Salaried Employee

  • Form 16 of latest 1 year

  • Salary slips for last 6months.

Loan against property is a loan given to the borrower against his property mortgaged. LAP is the best asset to leverage for business expansion or personal needs. Unlike unsecured loans, LAP involves a security as a property which the borrower can mortgage, if he is not able to repay the loan.
The loan against property is a secured loan where you pledge tangible assets like a residential home or a commercial shop owned by you to avail funds.
Loan against property can be applied for if you are in need of funds for your business or any personal use by mortgaging any commercial, residential, or industrial property which you can offer as security.
The following documents are required for applying for personal loan
Application form with passport size photograph
Passport, Pan Card, voter id, driving license
Property documents
IT returns for last 3 years
Bank statements
Maintenance bill
All documents require self-attestation
The average tenure for loan against property is from 60 to 180 months.

India is known for its rich and traditional culture with gold being an irreplaceable element, be it a festive occasion, wedding ceremony or celebrations.

Gold has been passed down from generation to generation with great sentimental value.

Being an organization into the business of building trusted relations, We at Dhanvarsha understand our customers and their business and personal goals.

Introducing Dhanvarsha GOLD Loans. Meet your financial needs with your own gold!

Set aside the fears and let’s make life simpler.

Enhanced Loan Value

Loan up to 25 lakhs, to fulfill all your financial requirements.

Accurate Evaluation

In-house evaluation of your gold, for accurate assessment of KT

World-class Safety Protocols

Assured safety of your gold ornaments with strong rooms featuring world-class security protocols, for your peace of mind.

Part-prepayment and Foreclosure Facility

No charges on part-prepayment or foreclosure

Flexible Payment Options

Wide range of repayment options.


Loan Range:

INR 3,000/- to INR 25,00,000/-

Loan Tenure:

Upto 12 months or per Terms & Conditions of the selected scheme.

Indicative EMI:

Interest Repayment will be as per selected scheme and Principal repayment at end of tenure / as per selected scheme.

Rate of Interest:

As per the selected scheme.

Loan to value (LTV):

LTV shall be maximum upto 75% of the previous 30 days average closing price of 22 KT Gold as declared by IBJA (India Bullion Jewelers Association Ltd)

Quick loan disbursal

Pre-payment option-without any penalty

Minimal documentation

In-house gold evaluation

Best customer service with a shorter response time

Safe custody for gold ornaments

Any Indian National

  • Age: Minimum 21 years – Maximum 70 years at maturity

  • Only Basic KYC (Identity Proof & Local Address Proof) required for loan amount up to 10Lakhs.

  • Income Documents / Banking required for Loan amount above 10 Lakhs.

  • PAN card / Form 60 is mandatory for Loan amounts above INR 50,000/- and for cash repayment receipts INR 50,000/- and above.

  • Eligible Loan Amount: Depends on Fineness and purity of Gold ornaments.

Dhanvarsha gold loan is 100% transparent, the entire process from valuation to disbursement is carried out in front of the customer.
Anyone between the age of 21 years to 70 years at maturity who owns gold ornaments can avail the loan. (Note: minors are not eligible.) To obtain the loan you need to submit your gold jewelry (within a KT range of 18KT to 22KT) at the branch. The loan amount that is sanctioned will be based on the gold valuation which involves verification of its purity. The weight of stones etc. fixed on the ornaments will be deducted for the purpose of valuation.
• Transparency • Low interest rates • Flexibility in repayment • No part payment charges, no foreclosure changes • Part release facility • No charges for gold security
Only wearable gold jewelry ornaments from 18 KT to 22 KT are acceptable as collateral.
We have a 24*7 CCTV with night vision, motion detector sensor, Gold Vault installed with security guard in all branches to ensure the highest safety for your gold ornaments.
While processing the loan customer is been provided with Pledge document having details like type of ornament, count of ornaments, Ornament photo, weight details, etc is captured. Whenever customer visits the branch for closure of gold loan he/she has to carry the pledge document provided to him / her and cross verify the ornaments details based on the details mention in pledge document.
Our gold is insured. In case of loss of your gold due to theft, the full value of your gold will get reimbursed to you basis the current gold price prevailing, as per recorded weight and KT.
Our gold is insured. In case of loss of your gold due to theft, the full value of your gold will get reimbursed to you basis the current gold price prevailing, as per recorded weight and KT.
The customer has to submit the pawn ticket (given to them at the time of taking loan) to the counter staff at the branch with a request to close the loan account. The staff will enquire into your account in the (computer) system and inform you of the outstanding loan amount (principal + interest accrued + charges if any). By depositing the outstanding loan amount with up to date interest and charges if any, the loan account is closed. The designated branch officer then hands over the ornaments to the customer against his/her acknowledgement.
No. Unlike other loans, there is no need for either a Guarantor or Introducer and there is no need for opening a new bank account. You can use your existing savings bank account as per requirement. However, we recommend transactions through bank account, as it comply regulations.
In case loan amount is not repaid on or before the due date, penal rate of interest and additional charges is liable to be charged on the outstanding amount from the due date of loan as prescribed in your pledge document.
Fees and Charges varies from scheme to scheme and loan amount. Basic charges will be applicable for gold loan like processing fees and Stamp duty charges (wherever applicable).
If any amount is defaulted, penal interest / charges is applied as per the agreed terms and conditions mentioned in the pledge document.
You can make part-payment / part release the gold jewelry by making the required payment.
You will be charged a penal interest (as the case may be) as per the agreed terms and conditions specified on your pledge document, over and above the normal rate of interest.
Gold ornaments accepted as pledge by the customers are stored at the branches in strong safe / strong room built as per standard specifications. The pledged gold ornaments are insured for full value. Moreover, electronic surveillance technology is deployed to protect the gold.
Our gold is insured. In case of loss of your gold due to theft, the full value of your gold will get reimbursed to you basis the current gold price prevailing, as per recorded weight and KT.
Appraising is done in the presence of the customer only. Due care is taken during appraisal to ensure that there is no damage to the ornament during any stage of appraising or storing.
In case of persisting interest / tenure overdue or in the event of erosion of realizable value of the assets pledged, the ornaments are liable to be auctioned but only after giving sufficient notice to the borrower. We shall serve a reminder to all overdue accounts apart from periodic SMS reminders to our customers to alert them with regards to the overdue in the account. Moreover, we also send requisite auction / margin intimation letters prior to the auction. We reiterate that (1) periodical monthly payment of interest / margin due and (2) reset your account on or before due date, are recommended as an easy way to avoid such contingencies.
Gold loan is sanctioned by accepting the gold ornaments of the customer as pledge. Personal loan is sanctioned based on source of income and repayment capacity of an applicant. Gold loans are quick to disburse and require minimum documentation. You can also stretch the repayment to your convenience; the only requirement is that you have to service the interest periodically.
Cash (upto permissible limit) / Digital mode like IMPS/NEFT/RTGS