Walk on, walk on With hope

in your hearts And you'll never walk alone

You'll never walk alone

From the Liverpool Club Anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone
by Steven Russell, Mischke Butler & Troy Taylor

You - the dreamer and the doer. Us - the enablers to you.

Together, we have a responsibility.

First, to each other. And then to the world at large. And no, you don't walk alone.

We are in this together.

To better the lives of our communities. And give them access to better opportunities. To make dreams come true!

By lending our hands, heads and hearts. To the ones that need it more than us.

Dreamers or doers are not limited by effort, talent or intent but by skills, structure and finances. These factors skew success in favour of the privileged few.

This status quo is crying for a humane revolution, a meaningful one. A reimagining of our political-economic-social systems.

Albeit with equal respect for systems. Systems that have delivered successes and failure alike. For, these are the 'shoulders of giants' that we stand on to bring about meaningful change.

How will we deliver this revolution?

Technology and collaboration will make this happen.

Technology allows us to do things when they are required and get access to people that need it now. Collaboration is not a choice. It is a responsibility. It is the proverbial currency of our society.

And this currency builds real wealth.

That wealth is social capital.

Social capital can build ecosystems, power the nation and change the world. For good.

Welcome to Dhanvarsha, where we are committed to reimagine things as social capital.

Welcome to our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, employees, investors and partners. We are leveraging our expertise in technology and are building social capital by constantly creating and refining platforms for lending hand, head and heart.

Welcome to the revolution of building social capital.