Individually we can climb mountains.

Together, we can move them!

Team Dhanvarsha, inspired by Beverly Grant of the music band

'The Human Condition'

Our mission is to build social capital for the MSME segment in India. And, we place equal importance on both-capital and social. Our social core dictates how we go about our mission.

We believe in the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. As a financial services player, we strongly believe in the compounding effect too. Hence our belief in a strong ecosystem.

So, what is this ecosystem?

How does it come together to ensure social capital for our customers?

We don't just lend money or support. So, we don't just 'lend a hand'.

We enable businesses. This is our key differentiator.

We 'lend head' and 'lend heart' too.

We are true business partners to our customers. We help them achieve business excellence.

Also, we are always true to our larger objective of creating positive social impact.

This requires significant capabilities. Across multiple fields like CSR, innovation, ergonomics, ecology, healthcare and sociology. Our ecosystem of experts gives exactly that.

We are in conversation with prestigious institutions like IIT Kanpur to individual doyens like former Indian cricket team physio Dr. Ali Irani and others to explore partnerships to help us make us stronger, better and faster.

We are building social capital. Together.