A heart to resolve, a head to contrive,

and a hand to execute

Edward Gibbon

Humans are social. That is fairly obvious.

But, what if we said businesses are social too? That is not as obvious.

Society makes us aware of our shortfalls. And propels us to overcome them.

This is true in personal life and business.

And shortfalls are not just financial. Shortfalls can be in strategy, marketing, operations or even larger, systemic ones like like cognitive firepower or emotional intelligence.

We aim to bridge these shortfalls for our customers. Not just because we want to be socially responsible. But also because it makes excellent business sense. The continued systemic success of our customers ensures sustainable success for us too.

So we don't just 'lend hands' by merely lending capital. We are business partners for our customers too. We lend business capabilities to them. We 'lend our head(s)' to them.

Our mission is to build social capital. The heart is at the centre of what we and our customers do. We support businesses that aim to create social impact. Businesses that are driven by social conscience. So, we are as much into lending hand and head as we are into 'lending heart.'

Among other things we:

Analyse, strategise and
track their market
Help them build strong go to market &
communication plans
Facilitate ramping
up operations
Keep them true to their
financial goals
Even build e-commerce
portals for them!

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