Technology is the great leveller.

It's a great tool for eliminating prejudice

and advancing meritocracies.

Carly Fiorina

Our tech philosophy:

Human decision making boosted

by advanced technology

We at Dhanvarsha believe that your business is much more than your credit score. We use a combination of people, data analytics, advanced technologies, machine learning (ML), and modeling to evaluate both customers and their businesses and create financial solutions for them.

Our Technology Stack

The proprietary lending engine - Myra

The Dhanvarsha proprietary lending engine Myra captures the user at the very beginning of the loan process. This engine assesses the customer based upon key proprietary parameters and churns a bespoke solution.

The AI Based Advisory Risk Engine - Aira

Aira is our proprietary artificial intelligence based business robot. A vast number of API integrations allow the robot to pull data from third parties. For unstructured data, we leverage Natural Language Processing engine to identify the subject and assess it by the machine learning (ML) engine to check if it stands relevant to our larger risk engine.

Using behavioral science, earning patterns, financial spending etc. the engine effectively uses 1,000 plus data points to determine patterns of the customer and then adds the traditional credit rating and risk analysis together to frame a report to establish the users repayment ability. The engine then takes in KYC data, GST Data, and references to provide a final assessment on the applicant. The engine also looks to provide sentiment indicators and fraud risk assessments against each application.

Dhanvarsha LOS Solution

The web-based LOS system allows the Dhanvarsha Team to work closely with the AI engine to ensure applications are correctly processed in the minimum amount of time. The web-based interface pulls data from Dhanvarsha’s database and services like Credit Score,OCR analysis of bank statements and much more. The system allows for the application to be approved or rejected based upon the inputs of the AI engine and the officer assessing the application.

Technology Empowering Business
Intelligence at Dhanvarsha

Data Analytics is heavily relied upon to help understand the performance of various products and its customers at Dhanvarsha. With the Business Intelligence tool, we can determine key points such as:

  • Portfolio Risk Analysis
  • Cross Selling of Products
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Churn Analysis
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Product Pricing

With right insights into the data, the team is able to identify bottlenecks, loss of revenue, and critical learnings about our services/products to consumers.

B2B Application:

Dhanvarsha White label Solution

DSA's in India process several million loans every month. But most DSA operations are manually intensive and laborious thus affecting scale and efficiency. Dhanvarsha’s white label app has been designed with inputs from DSA's to solve this problem, empowering them with advanced tools to make the whole loan application and subsequent syndication process digital. This highly customized tech-enabled engine allows DSA to map a client’s loan application to suitable financial sponsors instantly online, which enhances turn-around time and in-turn profitability for both DSA’s and sponsors.

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